Management Team

Mark Santo

Chairman & Founder

Mark is a seasoned international business executive and international lawyer. Drawing upon his experience as both CEO and General Counsel of global multinational industrial process automation and technology enterprises, Mark brings a distinct perspective to DxT3 strategy and growth plans, fusing executive management and legal skills into a powerful, value-added advisory service.
Before founding DxT3, Mark was a Partner in the International Practice Group of Fox Rothschild, LLP, an AM-Law 100 law firm. His practice largely focused upon the representation of Asian and European foreign enterprises entering the North American industrial process automation market thru merger and acquisition entry modalities.
Mark previously served as Group Vice President and General Counsel of Elsag Bailey Process Automation N.V. (NYSE: EBY), the second largest industrial process automation group prior to its sale to ABB in 1999. Elsag Bailey’s top-line revenue grew from $300m to over $2bn within a decade, primarily through the roll-up and consolidation of leading enterprises and competitors within the industrial process automation industry. Mark served as lead counsel with respect to this consolidation as well as the divestiture of Elsag Bailey to ABB.
During his career, Mark also served as President of Parvus Corporation of Salt Lake City, an embedded systems company operating primarily in the defense and aerospace sectors. Mark had acquired Parvus on behalf of the Eurotech Group of Udine, Italy and led its integration into its Italian parent prior to its subsequent sale to Curtiss-Wright.
Mark holds a JD from Duquesne University School of Law and an LLM in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown University Law Center. In addition, he serves on the Shell Oil Ancillary Business Development Committee of the Beaver County Economic Development Task Force. Mark is a member of the GPSA Midstream Association.

Chet Mroz

CEO and President & Founder

Chet Mroz is a recognized leader in the global industrial automation industry. He has achieved noteworthy business management success in the United States, Middle East, Europe, North and West Africa, and Asia. The depth and breadth of Mr. Mroz’s experience and technical knowledge, as well as a result-based leadership style and capabilities, has helped numerous companies profitably expand their business globally.
Chet has over four decades of experience in project, business, and plant operations management working as a project manager, interim executive and consultant. He has led businesses for Mobil Oil, Foxboro (now Schneider), Texas Instruments, ABB and Yokogawa in the United States, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Currently, Mr. Mroz is a board director for Softdel Systems Ltd. and of Pune, India a software services company in the IoT.
More recently, Mr. Mroz was the former President and CEO of Yokogawa Corporation of America from 2011 to 2015. Yokogawa Corporation of America is the North American operating unit of Yokogawa Electric Corporation of Tokyo, Japan, a global market leading automation manufacturer and provider of automation projects, instrumentation, analyzer, systems integration services, field support services, and advanced software products and services with 1000 employees and a network of sales channel partners in North America.
Prior to Yokogawa and from 2016, Mr. Mroz was an independent business strategy consultant, interim executive, and acquisition advisor to over 20 start-ups, ranging from small to large firms in the measurement, industrial automation, software products, process equipment and engineering consulting and construction businesses serving the oil & gas, chemical, energy and manufacturing markets.
Mr. Mroz holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University and attended advanced university programs for finance, management, and process technologies. Mr. Mroz is a member of the GPSA Midstream Association.

Mark Roop

Executive VP & Founder

Mark Roop is President and co-founder of eSimulation, Inc. He has over 35 years’ experience in the automation and advanced solutions industries. Mr. Roop gained extensive experience in the automation industry through regional, corporate, and international sales assignments while at Bailey Controls, Fisher Controls, and Honeywell. He turned his focus to driving client value with advanced control and optimization solutions as a sales manager for Aspen Technology. Mr. Roop became proficient with remote monitoring and measurement technology in the natural gas industry as a Sales Director for Strategic Controls.

Mr. Roop co-founded eSimulation, Inc. in early 2000 to provide fully supported advanced solutions to the midstream industry. eSimulation provides process and business modeling solutions that enable midstream businesses to accurately manage, forecast, and optimize their margin positions on a daily basis. The company also provides solutions for field gathering systems. The firm’s solutions work in concert to drive strategic value for its clients and to align organizations around common decision support platforms.

Mr. Roop holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University and is a member of the GPSA Midstream Association.

Steve Hendon

CTO & Founder

Steve Hendon is Vice President and co-founder of eSimulation, Inc.  He has more than 33 years of experience in the development and implementation of real-time optimization (RTO), multivariable control, and business modeling software for the refining, petrochemical, gas processing, and NGL industries.

Prior to forming eSimulation, he worked for Exxon Chemicals, Dynamic Matrix Control Corporation (DMCC), and Aspen Technology. While at DMCC from 1989 to 1996, he implemented the first rigorous equation-based process model library, PML, for real-time optimization. This software revolutionized real-time optimization by reducing the project development and implementation time from years to months and further reduced maintenance costs through the standardization and improved robustness of the models. In addition to the RTO projects while at DMCC, he also implemented DMC multivariable control projects and pioneered many new DMC features such as imbalanced ramps and sub-controllers.

During his time at DMCC and AspenTech, Steve was project leader for the implementation of RTO and DMC multivariable control on crude units, FCC units, catalytic reformers, aromatics plants, phenol plants, and BPA plants,

In 2000, while at eSimulation, he designed, developed, and deployed the first cloud-based SaaS RTO system, eSimOptimizerTM, on an NGL cryogenic processing plant in Oklahoma. Since then, with a small team of chemical and software engineers, more than 45 cloud-based SaaS RTO applications have been implemented on both NGL cryogenic processing plants and NGL fractionation plants. In 2006, the midstream business modeling system, eSimEvaluatorTM, was developed and released. This software combined the equation-based optimization solving engine with a visual front-end, case study tools, sensitivity analysis and a SQL database. eSimEvaluator is used for midstream budgeting, forecasting, accruals, and super system optimization. In 2014, Steve and his team worked with their client, to design and implement eSimGatheringTM, a cloud-based platform for digitizing midstream companies gathering asset data. Applications include condensate and water, greenhouse gases, pipeline pigging pipeline compression, and facility data.

Steve graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1984 with BS in Chemical Engineering. He has written many papers on Real-Time Optimization and Advanced Process Control and has spoken at many refining, chemical, and natural gas industry events.