What is DxT3?

D  Digital

x  Transformation

T3  Across Three Technologies –
Information, Operational, and Engineering

DxT3 provides cloud-based operations management software and professional services solutions to midstream natural gas gatherers and processors operating in North America.

The term “cyber-physical systems” refers to a new generation of systems with integrated computational and physical capabilities that can interact with humans through new modalities.

This translates into a whole new class of automation solutions for operating upstream assets, gathering businesses and processing plants that can improve reliability, profitability and safety performance. Similarly, optimization of midstream enterprises and supply chains is now within reach.

DxT3, Inc.

DxT3 offers clients a complete midstream optimization solution through a unique set of exclusive licenses, strategic alliances, and partnerships for gas production, gathering, and processing.

The DxT3 technology offerings include best-in-class technology from eSimulation, Inc., which offers detailed models of midstream operations that optimize midstream assets and increase operating profits by accounting for operational and commercial conditions simultaneously and continuously across the enterprise.

DxT3 has experienced consultants and program management resources available to implement digital transformations. Key to the consulting capability will be detailed assessments of current workflows and digital infrastructure to identify digital transformation opportunities using the latest technology. This can include cloud technology, IIoT platform, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Predictive and Prescriptive Analytic models.

The DxT3 management team has decades of combined program management, and system architecture experience, with leading global multinationals in the industrial automation and advanced solutions sector as well as with end-users, engineering firms, and professional services companies.